What is SR22 and what does it mean in Virginia?

In Virginia, the SR22 certificate is a requirement for drivers seeking to reinstate their licenses after certain traffic violations have led to suspension or revocation. This form, provided by the driver’s insurance company to Virginia’s DMV, proves that the driver carries the required minimum liability insurance coverage.

Situations necessitating an SR22 include DUI, uninsured driving incidents, or accumulating too many points on the driving record, marking the individual as a high-risk driver. This status results in higher insurance premiums. Virginia uniquely requires an FR44 for DUI-related offenses, demanding higher coverage limits than the SR22. Drivers must maintain the SR22 for a determined period, typically three years, with continuous insurance coverage.

Virginia drivers dealing with an SR22 requirement should diligently search for competitive insurance rates and focus on safe driving to mitigate high-risk labels and reduce insurance expenses over time.