Why does someone need a SR-22 Policy?

In Jacksonville, Florida , various situations might compel an individual to file an SR-22 form. These typically involve serious or repeated traffic violations. The list below outlines some of the common circumstances:

  1. DUI or DWI Convictions: Being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) will almost invariably necessitate an SR-22 filing. ( OR a FR44 policy in Florida)
  2. At-Fault Accidents with No Insurance: Causing an accident while driving without sufficient insurance coverage may trigger the requirement for an SR-22.
  3. License Suspension or Revocation: Individuals seeking to reinstate their suspended or revoked licenses may be asked to file an SR-22.
  4. Multiple Traffic Offenses: Accumulating a series of traffic violations within a short span can also lead to an SR-22 requirement.
  5. Non - Payment of Child Support or other Court fines

What is a SR-22 Insurance Policy in Jacksonville, Florida?

The SR-22, sometimes referred to as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR), is a document that verifies a person's car insurance meets the minimum liability requirements of the state. It is not an insurance policy per se but a certification added to your auto insurance policy. SR22& FR44 Experts issue the certificate to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as a guarantee that you have secured the mandated minimum amount of liability insurance coverage.

How long do you need an SR-22 Policy in Jacksonville, Florida?

Generally, individuals are required to maintain their SR-22 status for about three years, although this period can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the violation. It is essential to adhere to the stipulated duration to avoid any further complications or extensions of the SR-22 requirement.

Jacksonville, Florida is located in Duval County

The city of Jacksonville merged with Duval County in 1968.  This meger created a powerful entity creating industry, growth, and an increased population.

Today, Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida and as such has the highest number of license suspensions and SR-22 policies required of any city or town in Florida.   It is important to work with an SR-22 expert in such an environment.  FR44 & SR22  Experts write thousands of SR22s and FR44s every year and are renowned in the industry for their customer service and getting things right the first time!

SR-22 Coverage Requirements for Jacksonville, Florida

The minimum coverage requirements are:

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage:

Minimum coverage per person: $10,000
Minimum coverage per accident: $20,000
Property Damage Liability Coverage:

Minimum coverage per accident: $10,000

Types of SR-22 Coverage

There are several types of SR=22 coverage to choose from depending on your circumstances.  Owner, Non-Owner SR22 Insurance, Operators Certificate Sr22 Insurance, and Motorcycle SR-22 Insurance.

FR44 & SR22 Experts will be able to advise you about which type of policy will be the most ecconomical and suit your needs.

Cost of SR-22 Insurance

FR44 & SR22 Experts has the ability to shop multiple carriers resulting in the lowest cost policy for you.  If you complete the online quote form, we will obtain this information in a matter of minutes, saving you countless hours of telephone calls, and frustration.