Sam Ridgeway
Samuel Ridgeway, Owner

Samuel Ridgeway is not just the proud owner and driving force behind FR44 & SR22 Experts; he is the embodiment of its core values. With over 15 years at the helm, Sam's leadership is anchored in a simple, yet powerful philosophy: prioritize people and profits will follow. His oft-repeated maxim, "People before Commissions," encapsulates a business ethos that places customer well-being at its heart, a commitment that has been a cornerstone of the company's enduring success.

A Missouri native, Sam is deeply woven into the fabric of the local community. Beyond his professional achievements, he is a dedicated family man, celebrating the joys of marriage, fatherhood, and even grandfatherhood. His engagement with community activities, especially those involving his children and grandchildren, underscores his commitment to nurturing and giving back to the community that has supported him throughout his journey.

Sam's service as a U.S. Army Combat Veteran during the Gulf War is a testament to his courage, resilience, and dedication to his country. The values instilled in him during his service have translated seamlessly into his role as a business leader. After bravely serving his nation, Sam pursued higher education, earning his college degree with determination and zeal. Not long after, he channeled his entrepreneurial spirit to establish FR44 & SR22 Experts. Since its inception, he has steered the company with an unwavering commitment to integrity and service, ensuring it stands tall in the insurance industry.

More than just a successful entrepreneur, founding other companies to solve previously difficult problems such as a successful Hormone Replacement Therapy clinic, Viking Alternative Medicine,  Samuel Ridgeway is a beacon of principled leadership, community involvement, and genuine care – values that permeate every facet of FR44 & SR22 Experts.

Wheter you need a SR22 Insurance policy or a Non Owner SR22 Insurance policy, or just need advice about how to solve your insurance issues, please contact us.   We look forward to providing you with a free quote from one of our top rated National Insurance Providers.  With the assistance of Sam and FR44 & Sr22 Insurance Experts, your insurance needs as a high risk driver are no longer a difficult problem to solve.

FR44 & SR22 Experts is licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Missouri Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.