Where can I find My Florida SR22 Case Number?

In Florida, the SR22 is an endorsement to your auto insurance policy, proving that you carry the required minimum amounts of liability coverage. If you’ve been told you need an SR22, it’s often due to a license suspension or some other driving-related incident, such as a DUI.

If you are looking for your Florida SR22 case number:

1. Check Paperwork:
– The case number might be mentioned on court documents, DMV paperwork, or any notices you’ve received related to your SR22 requirement.

2. Contact Florida DMV:
– Reach out to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). They can provide details related to your driving record and requirements such as the SR22. It’s likely they can help you find your case number.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company:
– If you’ve already acquired SR22 insurance, your insurance company might have your case number on file since they would have needed it to issue the SR22.

4. Check Online:
– Florida’s DMV might provide online services where you can view your driving record and other related details. By logging into the portal, you may be able to retrieve your SR22 case number.

5. Contact a Lawyer:
– If you obtained an SR22 due to a court order or after a legal incident, and you had a lawyer representing you, they might have this information on file.

Remember to keep any personal and sensitive information safe and only provide necessary details when reaching out to entities. Always verify that you’re speaking with official representatives when discussing your case.