SR22 Insurance Florida Monthly Payments


There are unique rules for policies associated with FR44 or SR22 case numbers that begin with a “2” or “4.”Here’s a breakdown specifically concerning the filings with case numbers beginning with a “2” or “4”:

A summary of the key takeaways:

1. Policy Duration and Payment:
– Insurance companies can only write six-month, paid-in-full auto policies for those Florida customers with SR22 or FR44 filings that have case numbers beginning with “2” or “4”.
– Such policies cannot be cancelled once issued.

2. Payment:
– Customers must pay the entire amount of the policy term upfront.

3. Cancellation Rules:
– Insurance companies cannot cancel these specific SR22/FR44 policies after the first 30 days of the original effective date.

4. Endorsement Rules:
– Credit or non-premium endorsements (changes) can be processed at any point during the policy’s term.
– Additional premium endorsements can only be processed if:
– They are effective back to the beginning of the policy.
– The policy is in “Renewal Work” or “Renewal Quote” status.
– An SR22 or FR44 (beginning with a “2” or “4”) cannot be endorsed onto a customer’s policy unless the policy is in “Renewal Work” or “Renewal Quote” status.
– If the above condition is not met, the customer’s policy would need to be cancelled and rewritten to comply with state regulations.
– If there’s a need to make an additional premium endorsement, the procedure would involve rewriting the policy, then removing the SR22 or FR44 (with “2” or “4”) and cancelling the policy.

5. Liability Limits for FR44:
– Florida FR44 filings have higher required liability limits, specifically 100/300/50 or 350CSL (or higher).

These rules are in place to ensure certain standards and responsibilities are maintained by drivers requiring SR22 or FR44 filings, given that such filings are typically required due to driving violations or other risk factors. If you’re affected by these rules, it’s essential to be aware of them to ensure you maintain valid insurance coverage as required by the state of Florida.