How much will an SR22 increase my insurance?

The cost of an SR22 filing can vary depending on several factors, including your location, driving history, the reason for requiring the SR22, and the insurance company you choose. Generally, an SR22 filing can result in a significant increase in your insurance premiums compared to regular auto insurance rates.

On average, you can expect an SR22 filing to increase your insurance premium by around 30% to 100% or more. This means that if your regular insurance premium is $1000 per year, an SR22 filing could raise it to $1300 to $2000 per year or even higher.

Keep in mind that the increased cost of SR22 insurance is primarily due to the underlying reason for needing the filing. Serious driving violations or a history of multiple violations can lead to higher insurance rates.

To get the most accurate estimate of how much an SR22 filing will increase your insurance premium, it’s essential to request quotes from multiple insurance providers. Shop around and compare rates to find the best option that suits your needs and budget. Additionally, maintaining a clean driving record over time can help lower your insurance rates in the future, even with an SR22 filing.