Who should individuals contact to purchase a non-owner auto insurance policy for the purpose of obtaining an SR22?

Individuals who need to purchase a non-owner auto insurance policy for the purpose of obtaining an SR22 should contact SR22 & FR44 Insurance.  We are an Independant agency, family owned, veteran owned and operated, and have been. in business for well over 15 years.

  1. Insurance Companies Specializing in High-Risk Coverage: Look for insurance providers that specialize in or are known for offering policies to high-risk drivers. These companies are typically more experienced in handling SR22 filings and can offer competitive rates for non-owner policies.
  2. Independent Insurance Agents: Independent agents work with multiple insurance companies, which allows them to compare policies and rates from various providers. They can help find a non-owner SR22 policy that meets your needs and budget. Because they’re not tied to a single insurance company, they can offer a broader view of the available options.
  3. Direct Insurance Providers: Some insurance companies allow customers to purchase policies directly through their websites or customer service centers. Contacting these providers directly can be a quick way to get quotes and information about non-owner SR22 insurance.
  4. State Insurance Department: While not a provider of insurance, your state’s insurance department can offer valuable resources and information about insurance requirements and companies authorized to issue SR22 certificates in your state. They may also provide lists of companies that cater to high-risk drivers.
  5. Online Insurance Comparison Tools: Utilize online platforms that allow you to compare insurance quotes from multiple providers. These tools can help you quickly assess your options for non-owner SR22 insurance and find a policy that suits your needs.

When contacting any insurance provider or agent, it’s important to specify that you’re looking for a non-owner auto insurance policy with an SR22 filing. Be prepared to provide details about your driving history and the reason for the SR22 requirement. This information will help the agent or company provide accurate quotes and ensure the policy meets state requirements for reinstating or maintaining your driving privileges.