Through the provisions of the Safety and Financial Responsibility Law, motorists are held responsible for accident damages both administratively and through the court system. In many cases, drivers are required to file proof of financial responsibility for periods ranging from one to three years in the form of SR-22 Insurance policies (commonly known as high-risk insurance). The Secretary of State’s S&FR; section monitors SR-22s for cancellation and expiration.

This requirement, enhanced in 1998 and 1999, forces the irresponsible party to carry insurance-thereby preventing future uninsured crashes.

The S&FR; law is ultimately an enforcement mechanism for Illinois’ Mandatory Insurance Law. While all drivers are required to carry liability insurance, S&FR; deals specifically with violators. We help victims of uninsured crashes obtain restitution from irresponsible motorists by suspending license and registration privileges.

Under the S&FR; law, drivers are held responsible once an accident occurs, and, through the SR-22 insurance policy, future crashes are prevented.