Common Myths – High Risk Driver Insurance

1. Myth: High-risk driver insurance is unaffordable.
Fact: While rates may be higher for high-risk drivers, shopping around and comparing quotes can help find more affordable options.

2. Myth: All insurance companies refuse to cover high-risk drivers.
Fact: Some companies specialize in providing coverage for high-risk drivers, offering tailored policies to meet their needs.

3. Myth: High-risk driver insurance will keep premiums high forever.
Fact: By maintaining a clean driving record and continuously improving, high-risk drivers can eventually qualify for lower premiums.

4. Myth: Only major violations make drivers high-risk.
Fact: Multiple minor violations, accidents, DUIs, or a lack of driving experience can also classify drivers as high-risk.

5. Myth: Switching insurance providers will eliminate high-risk driver status.
Fact: High-risk status is tied to driving records and may persist even after switching insurers, affecting future premiums.

6. Myth: High-risk driver insurance lacks necessary coverage.
Fact: High-risk policies typically offer similar coverage options as standard policies, including liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage.

7. Myth: High-risk driver insurance is not required for SR-22 filing.
Fact: SR-22 filing often accompanies high-risk driver insurance, serving as proof of financial responsibility to the DMV.

Remember, insurance policies and regulations can vary, so it’s essential to consult withFR44 & SR22 Experts
directly to understand your specific situation and debunk any myths.